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Tired of being marketed to 24 hours a day? Tired of staring down at a popsicle stick?

Tired of your rap sheet? Tired of Democracy? Tired of not being famous? Tired of that tall-can not being about 15 inches taller? Tired of your boyfriend? Tired of your wife?

Well, friends... the Answer to all of your woes is right here. Vitamin P. 100% All-American jork wiener wrapped in newspaper and a flag. Somebody call somebody.

8" x 31.75" - 14" WB 

8.25" x 31.37" - 14" WB

8.4" x 31.5" - 14" WB   A subtle, yet eloquent hybrid shape. Gorgeous.

8.5" x 31.37" - 14.25" WB